Sangfor NGAF - Next Generation Firewall (NGFW)

Sangfor Indonesia: Smarter AI-Powered Perimeter Defence. Sangfor NGAF is an award-winning next generation firewall (NGFW) built to meet the network and web application security needs of all enterprises.

A Cutting-Edge Next Generation Firewall

Sangfor Indonesia NGAF takes next generation firewall technology to the next level to meet the evolving security needs of modern enterprises. Through market foresight and technical prowess, Sangfor NGAF is the next generation firewall that holds several “world’s first” titles.

  • The world’s 1st AI-enabled NGFW that intelligently detects threats to eliminate over 99% of external threats at the network perimeter.
  • The world’s 1st NGFW integrated with Web Application Firewall (WAF) to provide network and web application security in one appliance.
  • The world’s 1st NGFW with built-in SOC Lite that helps security teams rapidly determine the security status of threats and respond.  
  • The world’s 1st NGFW that truly integrates with endpoint and network security solutions to create a holistic security system.

NGFW Advantages

Next-Gen WAF

Sangfor NGAF is the first NGFW integrated with NG-WAF. The ground-breaking WISE Engine utilizes semantic analysis and machine learning techniques to empower NG-WAF to stop known and unknown web attacks.

SOC Lite

SOC (Security Operations Center) Lite is a lifesaver for security administrators of small to mid-size enterprises. NGAF’s intuitive security visibility with response guidance allows administrators to quickly determine the threat level of users, servers, and ransomware events.

True Security Integration

Sangfor NGAF integrates seamlessly with endpoint and network security products to create a truly holistic solution. Each product works in tandem to close the gaps between their spheres of influence to deliver a foolproof security system.

NGFW Features & Capabilities

Sangfor's NGFW integrates with Engine Zero, an AI powered Malware Detection Engine.

Engine Zero is developed using Machine Learning models and AI algorithms. This enables NGAF to deliver 99.76% detection rate of known and unknown malware across the internet. Your entire organization stays protected because of Engine Zero's powerful capabilities.

Sangfor's NGFW integrates with Neural-X, a cloud based AI powered threat intelligence and analytics platform.

Neural-X data is constantly updated to protect against the latest indicators of compromise (IOC)_and adversary Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs). For example, NGAF can send a suspicious DNS address to Neural-X for verification. If Neural-X classifies this DNS as a known C&C server, Sangfor NGAF automatically blocks these communications so that no further damage is caused.

Sangfor's NGFW is integrated with Sangfor NG-WAF, a next generation web application firewall designed to offer robust protection to web applications.

Using semantic analysis and the industry’s first WAF with a built-in virtual execution system (VES), Sangfor WAF protects web applications from the most advanced web application attacks, such as SQL injection and cross-site scripting.

Sangfor believes the firewall should make life easier for security administrators. Sangfor's NGFW integrates a SOC (Security Operations Center) Lite feature to simplify security operations and response.

Instead of analyzing tons of security logs, security administrators can intuitively determine the current threat level of users and servers via the NGAF GUI. What's more, NGAF provides users with essential guidance on how to respond to security threats.

Sangfor's NGFW integrates with Sangfor Endpoint Secure (Endpoint Detection and Response - EDR) and Cyber Command (Network Detection and Response – NDR) as part of Sangfor’s Anti-Ransomware solution.

Forensic the threat intelligence data collected from the network and endpoint visualize the hidden ransomware process via GUI and provide "one-click quarantine" to eradicate the encryption controlling application from all infected hosts.

Sangfor's NGFW is one of the key components of the Application Containment solution along with Sangfor Endpoint Secure and Sangfor IAG.

Network administrators can configure granular application control policies on Sangfor NGAF to have total control of all applications running on all endpoint devices. These policies prevent unauthorized and malicious applications from running on the network. 

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