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Network Security Services

At Wallblock, we go beyond network installation. We’ll also make sure your data is secure so that your network is free of security threats. Our aim is to make sure your network remains private and safe.

VPN or Remote Access Setup and Configuration

Need to improve security for your employees when working remotely? If so, we can set up and configure a virtual private network (VPN) tailored to your organization’s needs. As a result, you’ll have a reliable, fast, and secure connection. That way, you can have peace of mind when your employees work remotely.

Wireless Networking Services

You can count on Wallblock’s comprehensive line of wireless network services for all of your wireless networking needs. There are various components that make up wireless networking. These include:

  • Assessment: We’ll assess your existing wireless network to determine if it can support mobile devices. We’ll deliver a full report detailing the current state of your wireless network. Plus, we’ll provide recommendations for increasing its usability and stability.
  • Business review: We’ll investigate your current processes and provide advice on how to increase your productivity.
  • Design: We’ll create a roadmap to make sure your network is successfully implemented.
  • Implementation: We’ll implement your system to ensure a smooth operational transition for the system.
  • Performance management: We understand that wireless networks are constantly changing. By managing the performance of your wireless networks, we’ll make sure they’re up to date and consistently performs to expectations.

Network Maintenance

Reduce downtime and threats to revenue by predicting network issues before they occur. We offer network monitoring in real-time to both spot and solve problems before they can negatively impact your bottom line. Whether you need help with setting new network standards or want to make sure your present network is efficiently running, Wallblock can help. By working with us, you can rest assured that your network is connected and stays connected.

Windows Active Directory Setup 

Our Windows Active Directory setup services will allow all users on your network to connect to the same domain. That way, won’t need to have different user accounts. Plus, we can ensure that your Active Directory setup is scalable and secure.

Cloud Services 

As more and more businesses adopt mobile and cloud apps, the need for cloud services is steadily increasing. Cloud services have expanded so much that companies have the choice of public, private, or hybrid services. At Wallblock, we can install or configure a cloud network that’s specific to your company’s needs.

Data Cabling Services

Wallblock provides low voltage cabling services and installation that ensures the efficient and reliable delivery of applications and data. This means that your network will be easy to troubleshoot and manage, with scalable bandwidth to support your changing business needs.

We specialize in designing, installing, and implementing low voltage cabling infrastructure that aligns with your organization’s short- and long-term IT strategy.

Internet Security

We provide internet access and internet security services that will keep threats to your company’s network at bay. At Wallblock, we’ll design, configure, install, and manage a robust security system for your company. This eliminates the need to spend lots of money on hardware and software services. With our internet access and security services, you and your team can feel comfortable knowing that your network is safe from threats and that your sensitive data is protected. By working with us, you’ll get a comprehensive, managed solution that works to keep your internet activity safe. As a result, you’ll be able to do business online with peace of mind.


Why Trust Wallblock for Network Installation Services?

At Wallblock, we understand that network installation services and cabling are the foundation for a strong network infrastructure. We pride ourselves on providing the correct network topologies and layouts for each unique company. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach. Our experts take their time to get to know their client’s specific needs and requirements. Because without the proper customization, an organization won’t meet its full network connectivity potential.

You need expertise at the critical start of your company’s network.

What are you doing to keep your network safe and connected? Confer with our gifted team at Wallblock to see what your network needs to improve and expand.