FortiGate Product Life Cycle Information

Check Your FortiGate End Of Order (EOO), Last Service Extension Date (LSED), End Of Support (EOS)

FortiGate equipment service life is as follows.

This information is a summary of the warranty and update cycle of FortiGate products. It will be divided into 3 parts.

  1. End of Order Date (EOO) – The last day that you can order products from Fortinet. If after this, it will be an outstanding stock that is at the Distributor or Reseller.
  2. Last Service Extension Date (LSED) – The last date an MA or Subscription can be ordered, usually 1 year before EOS.
  3. End of Support Date (EOS) – The last day of Support and Software Update. After today, there will be no support, including sending Claim, Support and Update requests.